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A Grateful Heart

As I reflected over 2018, I kept hearing one word echo in my heart - gratitude.

I am grateful.

I am grateful to Jesus for allowing us to dream. I am over the moon that He sometimes allows those dreams to become reality.

I am grateful to my {endlessly patient} husband, who not only tolerates my experiments, messes, and near-constant distractions, but actually cheers me on and encourages me to push myself beyond what I believe is possible.

I am grateful to my children who inspire me daily. Who never make me feel like I’m not enough. Who tell me how proud they are of me. And who praise me simply and honestly for just “making such good soap”. I don’t deserve them, but, man, I’m so glad they’re mine.

I am grateful to my parents and sister. They are my most honest critics, and are always willing to try anything I throw their way! They believe in me, and I see in their eyes that they are proud. What a gift that is.

Gratitude, I am learning, is not the easiest or most natural state of mind. We are, afterall, sinners by nature. Without dicipline of the mind and heart, and a healthy dose of Jesus and God’s Word, it’s easy for me to slip from gratitude to straight-up selfishness.

But when I open my eyes. When I really start looking - seeing - I see so. many. BLESSINGS. I see my husband. I see my children. I see my family. I see you.

God is so faithful and so so good to me. And I am grateful.



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